Ivory Coast short stop

Our Ivory Coast visit ended up just being a short visit. We drove in from North-East Liberia to Man where we stayed one night. Then we went to Yamoussokro where we spent the day and spent another night. From Liberia to Yamossokro the roads where extremely exhausting. Every 50 meters there as a hole so big you couldn't drive around. So we were constantly breaking and driving carving between the potholes. In Yamoussokro we went to see the second biggest church in the world. It was built by the old president of the country. It was an amazing sight, 130 meters tall, and with an 80 meter high dome. There was even a lift inside the columns. Funny thing is nobody knows what it cost to build because the president told the people: "you don't count money when doing something for God". And on top of that the whole church was given as a gift to the Vatican, so Ivory Coast didn't even own the curch anymore. However this prooved to be a smart idea because the years after the president died were very politically unstable, but the church could never be touched. After this we went to see the crocodiles in the river, better than any zoo and in the middle of the city!

Then we drove to Abidjan the next day. The first African city we had seen which had a real skyline! However, we didn't stay long as we found out we could make it over to Ghana the same day.